The Italian dairy excellence

D.O.P and I.G.P. cheeses they represent the best of quality certified and protected by the EU.

They are distinguished in that they originate from a specific geographical area, have characteristics essentially or exclusively due to a particular geographical environment, including natural and human factors, and are produced and transformed exclusively in a delimited territory.


Italian DOP cheeses are deeply rooted in the history and news of our country. Their fame is closely linked to the territory in which they were born and is due to the wise and assiduous work of our ancestors, of those who knew how to preserve and pass on to new generations a unique and inimitable knowledge in transforming milk. It is also thanks to them that today these cheeses can triumph on the tables of restaurants and families all over the world.

The Association AFIDOP

We are the Italian DOP and IGP cheeses association that brings together the Consortia for the Protection of Cheeses with a Protected Designation of Origin. The Consortia safeguard the typicality and use of the name of the products, promote their knowledge, protect their production through supervision and quality checks.


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